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COMMUNICATION: through communication, any kind of conflict and legal need is resolved, the basis of our legal relationships is good communication with clients, according to the study of cases, the requirements will be clearly and precisely communicated, effects, advances and decisions in each of the legal processes.

ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY: All our actions are based on the ethical responsibility of the lawyer, complying with ethical regulations and respect for the legal profession, working transparently and in accordance with the duties established to practice the legal profession.

MULTICULTURALITY: Our lawyers have multicultural training in different countries of the world, which is a great advantage for foreign personnel because of the different customs and ways of thinking, it is easy to understand in relation to the legal needs they require in Colombia and internationally. , all developed in the English and Spanish Languages.

CONSTANCY: Legal success is measured according to the permanent work in each of the legal processes, the insistence to reach the objectives set, is the basis of our organization.
LEGAL EFFECTIVENESS: The basis of legal procedures is measured in objectives that will be measurable, if the expected results are obtained, and the effectiveness of our actions is denoted, achieving compliance with the legal needs established by our clients.
LEGALITY: Our actions are governed by the respect of National and International legislation, within the framework of the Political Constitution of 1991 and the Constitutionality Block through international treaties ratified by the Colombian State.